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Mz RAM Booster

In addition to basic information about the installed RAM, the “Mz RAM Booster” offers various options for optimizing RAM consumption and RAM usage. For example, similar to smartphones, background processes can be ended to free up space in the RAM. However, you should make sure that there is no data loss. So save open documents and the like before you let the “Mz RAM Booster” automatically terminate processes.

You can also change settings that affect the Windows kernel. This makes it possible, for example, to give running programs an extra boost. Caution is also advised here: Windows normally distributes the system resources independently. Interfering with this process can contribute to system instability. By automatically encapsulating DLLs and other system settings that are no longer needed, RAM usage is further reduced.

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Memtest86+ is a memory tester utility for x86 and x86-64 architecture computers. It provides a thorough memory check than that provided by BIOS memory tests.

Memtest86+ can be loaded and run either directly by a PC BIOS (legacy or UEFI) or via an intermediate bootloader that supports the Linux 16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit, or EFI handover boot protocol. It should work on any Pentium class or later 32-bit or 64-bit x86 CPU.

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CleanMem is a complimentary tool purportedly aiding in memory management within Windows. In its effort to diminish the RAM consumption by software, CleanMem periodically invokes the Windows memory management API every 15 minutes to reclaim unused RAM. The developer asserts this approach as superior to relying solely on Windows’ autonomous memory management.

Operating discreetly, the program establishes a task in the Windows Task Scheduler. To assess its performance and monitor your system’s memory usage, users can access the bundled CleanMem Mini Monitor tool. This tool positions an icon in the System Tray, enabling users to observe the current memory usage of their system.

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UpdateStar AppCleaner

AppCleaner Freeware eliminates outdated files from your computer, encompassing temporary files, history, cookies, internet logs, and more across over 2000 software programs – surpassing other cleaners in versatility

This process liberates disk space and enhances overall system performance. Give it a try to experience optimized computer performance that’s effortlessly manageable for daily use.

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With this free optimization software for Windows 11 and Windows 10, you can clean up the operating system, internet browser, registry and hard drives and thus speed up your PC. The freeware is easy to use, combines tuning and cleaning functions and creates new storage space. To do this, the tool removes junk data, memory images or duplicate files.

By deleting surfing traces, cookies and browser history on Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge Chromium, Brave Browser and Vivaldi as well as by removing browser plug-ins, the PC cleaner protects your privacy and ensures more storage space. You can also clean the Windows registry database with the integrated registry cleaner.

Find more information and the download here.

Wise Memory Optimizer

A free tool designed to enhance your computer’s performance by freeing up RAM memory. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to anyone, regardless of their level of technical expertise. The program displays a graphical representation illustrating the current memory usage and available memory. Additionally, it offers an options menu where users can configure the program to operate automatically when memory is low.

To optimize memory, simply click the “optimize” button, and within minutes, the tool will release as much memory as possible by clearing the clipboard and unnecessary cache from background processes.

Find more information and the download here.