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Mem Reduct 3.4 Download and Install

Mem Reduct for Windows allows you to optimize memory usage and offers a user-friendly interface.


This download contains the files needed for installing the Mem Reduct utility. The software is free to use.

Changes in the latest release 3.4

  • Security code improvements
  • Improved windows 10 support
  • Added arm64 binaries (portable only)
  • Added option to opt-out cleanup standby list restriction
  • Added dropdown menu for button to clean specified memory region
  • Added log cleanup results into a file feature
  • Added option to disable tray balloon sound
  • Added command line support
  • Added single-click tray icon option
  • Added per-monitor dpi support
  • Changed default ranges for up-down controls
  • Fixed wrong unit in notification
  • Fixed update installation in some cases
  • Fixed winxp font selection
  • Updated translations
  • Updated project sdk
  • Fixed bugs

While it may lack the extensive feature set found in premium alternatives, its lightweight design and unobtrusive operation render it a superb option for everyday usage. Whether you’re a casual computer user seeking enhanced multitasking capabilities or a gamer aiming for smoother gameplay, this tool holds the promise of significantly improving your computing experience.


The setup procedure is easy and straightforward:

  1. Download: Download the installation file from the above link or visit the official website to get the installer.
  2. Launch Installer: Initiate the installation process by double-clicking the downloaded installation file.
  3. Installation Wizard: Follow the on-screen installation wizard. Customize preferences such as installation directory and desktop shortcuts as needed.
  4. Finalize Installation: Upon completion, the installation will finish automatically, and the application will appear in the system tray.


Memory Management: The application monitors and minimizes the memory consumption of active processes to free up RAM for other tasks.

System Tray: Positioned in the system tray, the software offers convenient access to its functionalities and settings.

Auto-Optimization: Users can configure automated memory optimization intervals, ensuring system responsiveness without requiring manual oversight.

Comprehensive Statistics: Detailed memory usage statistics are furnished, granting users valuable insights into resource utilization patterns.

Lightweight: This software is notably lightweight and imposes minimal demands on system resources when operating in the background.